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The technology company Reich-cK is highly specialized in the production of rubber compounds offering a wide range of different material characteristics, and in the production of system parts and components for industrial applications. Customers from the most varied sectors of industry who are using our high-quality products, appreciate their consistently high and impeccable quality.

All components and system parts are produced on cutting-edge production equipment for rubber manufacturing. Our quality management system and our facilities of highest technical standards warrant high-quality and long-life products from rubber components and rubber compounds of the Reich-ck brand.

  • Reich-cK - a company of the Reich group.

    The foundation of the private limited company Reich-cK dates back to the year 2005 when cK-elastic was founded. This company was mainly specialized in the production of rubber moulded articles on behalf of Reich Kupplungen GmbH. The original company, cK-elastic, joined the Reich Group in 2008 and became, under a new name, one of the most important production sites of the Reich Kupplungen GmbH besides its Bochum-based headquarters. As a result of this step, the product range could be extended by a broad variety of different elastomer-metal components.

    In 2014, the registered office of the company and its production facilities were moved into a newly constructed production hall with a surface area of approx. 1500 m² including the office building. Thanks to the rapid development of the company, Reich-cK is now in a position to manufacture a multitude of new products. Its excellent logistical location with good connection to the motorway A1 provides the company with a favourable infrastructure. Delivery ability is also enhanced by large logistics areas.

    The following fundamental values form the basis of the company policy adopted by Reich-cK:
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    • Best quality of the products for our customers
    • Good cooperation with suppliers
    • Stable working conditions for our staff
    • Environmental friendliness and support of the regional innovation activity


    • Enhancement of the staff's qualifications
    • Implementation of product innovations


    • Investments in new technologies
    • Openness to new business partners

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    Certificate micro-company of the year

  • Cutting-edge production facilities and warranted certified quality.

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    Reich-cK specializes in the manufacture of rubber, rubber-metal, silicone and polyurethane components. We offer an extensive breadth of experience in project engineering and the production of transfer and compression moulds for rubber processing. In line with our goal to modernize our machinery, a new REP press with a closing force of 600 tons and a sliding table for tools up to 800 x 800 mm was purchased in 2014.

    Numerous product developments are created in cooperation with the customer. During this process, Reich-cK is providing active support in the technical realization. Custom-made moulded parts which already produce valuable results for the production phase at the time of development of the prototype, are integral components of the new products. We also manufacture customer-specific rubber parts and will be pleased to elaborate with you the optimal solution according to drawing. To this end we are looking forward to your Enquiry.

    In keeping with our goal to distinguish our company from others in the growing marketplace and to live up to our good reputation, we warrant best quality for our rubber products.

    The principles of Reich-cK's quality policy

    • Highest quality of our products
    • Adaptation of the projects to the expectations and requirements of our customers
    • Highest operational standards

    These warrant both satisfaction of our customers and success in the growing marketplace.

    The implementation of, and compliance with, these quality standards is ensured by the ISO 9001 certified quality management system which comes up with close-to-production test and inspection systems and thus warrants conformity with the performance specifications of our customers. Compliance with the documentation requirements for the components in question is ensured by certified and customer audited systems.

    Reich-cK ISO certificate norm 9001:2008

  • Sustainability and environmental protection are central aspects.

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    We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and the social setting. Our decisions take long-term social, ecological and economic aspects into account.

    Our area of responsibility encompasses all groups:

    • Staff: Assurance of high standards for health and safety at work
    • Suppliers: Mutually beneficial cooperation
    • Market institute: Compliance with the applicable regulations, norms and standards
    • Local community: Contribution to environmental protection and support of all community development initiatives

    Sustainability and environmental protection play a vital role in all areas of the company - from development via the purchasing and production processes through to logistics.

  • Rubber: One of the most fascinating raw materials of the world.

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    What is what makes rubber so special? Apart from being mouldable and flexible, rubber protects, dampens, absorbs, decouples, seals and isolates. There is no other material with a wider range of potential applications than rubber: from filigree precision parts for electronic components through to highly flexible transmission elements. Different shore hardnesses are available and allow for optimal adaptation to the existing operating conditions.

    The rubber manufacturing business in which we have been successfully active for many years, has earned us a good reputation. Our core competence is the production of high-quality and durable rubber and elastomers.

    Your individual and specific requirements are in the best of hands with us. Reich-cK has the cutting edge technology and high-quality machinery to take your ideas and turn them into reality.

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Reich-cK... Competence in rubber technology for decades.

Reich-cK warrants certified quality

Reich-cK puts the emphasis on cutting-edge production methods in its component manufacturing and machining processes: The ISO 9001 certified quality management system comes up with close-to-production test and inspection systems and thus warrants conformity with the performance specifications of our customers. Compliance with the documentation requirements for the components in question is ensured by certified and customer audited systems. Continual improvement is a matter of course for us: This is why we continually invest in production facilities, test and inspection equipment, and the optimization of production processes.

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