Rozbudowa zakładu zakończona

published on Tuesday, 19 January 2021. Posted in Press

Reich-cK has finished the extension of the plant in Bytom

Rozbudowa zakładu zakończona

The company Reich-cK - a branch of the Reich Group ( has finished the extension of the site in Bytom. The premise has now a production and warehousing area of more then 3000sqm and is equiped with modern logistcs equipment which allow effective operations as well as fast loading and unloading. The extension has also...

Nowa prasa wulkanizacyjna

published on Monday, 05 August 2019. Posted in Press

The vulkanisation press Tung Yu 32 starts serial production

Nowa prasa wulkanizacyjna

The moulding press Tung Yu 32 is one of the biggest in Poland. It allows the production of multiple items in one cycle.

The company Schenck Rotec is one the leading balancing technology provider worlwide and with their help we have implemented the new machine smoohtly and trained our personnel.

Reich-cK zwiększa możliwości produkcyjne o wyważanie

published on Tuesday, 10 July 2018. Posted in Press

Our new balancing machine Schenck RoTec Virio 300 is ready for production and already efficiently used

Reich-cK zwiększa możliwości produkcyjne o wyważanie

With the acquisition and implementation of the horizontal balancing machine Schenck Rotec Virio 300 our company has enhanced its capabilities and integrated the balancing of the ArcusaFlex couplings. Additionally we can improve even further the quality of our rotating products and have an additional quality assurance point.

The company Schenck Rotec is one the leading balancing...

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Reich-cK... Competence in rubber technology for decades.

Reich-cK warrants certified quality

Reich-cK puts the emphasis on cutting-edge production methods in its component manufacturing and machining processes: The ISO 9001 certified quality management system comes up with close-to-production test and inspection systems and thus warrants conformity with the performance specifications of our customers. Compliance with the documentation requirements for the components in question is ensured by certified and customer audited systems. Continual improvement is a matter of course for us: This is why we continually invest in production facilities, test and inspection equipment, and the optimization of production processes.

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